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Foil & Embossed Letterheads

premium letterheads

Letterheads are essential stationary items for every business. Though electronic communications have greatly reduced need for letterheads, there are plenty occasions when you cannot do without them. In fact the type of letterheads that  businesses are increasingly using are the premium ones. The ones printed on linen or other premium paper stock and with added foil or embossing features. Why is that when standard run of the mill letterheads use is decking, premium letterheads share […]


How to Order Foil Stamped Folders?

pocket presentation folder with foil stmaping

  Foil Stamped Folders are now available at affordable prices. They used to be expensive option for most businesses, not any more. For as little as $590.89 you can order 250 standard size custom printed linen and felt folders delivered to your place of business. Linen and Felt folders in addition to doing their primary job of holding important documents, also act as the best long term advertising tool. Do not be surprised. Linen and […]


Carbonless Forms Binding Options

Carbonless forms

Carbonless Forms: What are the Binding Options? Ordering carbonless forms could be confusing for some people. A question we regularly get from our customers is: how carbonless forms are glued together and what binding options are available? Carbonless forms binding can have the following options: Edge Glued at Top This binding option is by far the most used one and is also default option. Carbonless forms, 2 part, 3 part and 4 part are glued […]


Embossed Business Card- Put Your Best Card Forward

Embossed Business Cards

In today’s competitive market, small businesses are losing clients to big multinational corporations. A well-marketed brand requires innovative skills and ideas to beat the competition. One way to stand out from the rest is with creative and custom-made embossed business cards. A business card represents your brand in an original manner.  These convenient cards allow you to communicate with your potential clients since it can be distributed to anyone even in an informal setting. A […]


Keep your clients impressed with an innovative solution- Learn More about Foil Stamped Folders

pocket presentation folder with foil stmaping

As unique as your business is, it’s time to reinvent your brand’s identity. As busy as we are in the office, it’s important to consider how your client visualizes your company. As an important and influential brand, you want to carry your employees in an organized manner. This is where folders come in, keeping important documents, reports, proposals, presentation and contracts in a secure manner. Folders are a new way to enhance your business worth […]


Extra Thick Custom Business Card Designs

extra thick business cards

  Business cards play an important role in your brand’s identity.  Flimsy, fragile and poor-quality business card is something that you should always avoid when deciding on where to purchase bulk business cards. As a reputable online printing company, PrintingFairy.com is determined to offer continued high-quality thick business cards at an affordable rate.   Selected Options for Print Since a business card functions as the most important aspect of networking your company, it assists in […]


Customize Retail Ready Packaging Boxes for your Convenience

Packaging boxes by printingFairy

How important are custom cardboard boxes? When it comes to designing custom-made packaging boxes, your retail brand can make or break its business just by its designing and functionality. To gain the customer’s attention, using custom made boxes can act as an advertisement for your brand. An exclusive printed retail packaging box can create valuable opinions to the customer insisting them to make the purchase. At PrintingFairy, we have your custom packaging box solution with […]


The Right Eye-catching Linen Presentation Folders

foil stamped presentation folders by printingfairy

The perfect first impression is always made with the best eye-catching design. As with any product or stationary items for your company, using your brand’s identity in the most cleaver way possible can help you achieve a lasting first impression. This is where linen presentation folders come into place. At PrintingFairy, we are stacked with thousands of customized folder designs printing to help you create your own exclusive template. Purchase your very own custom folder […]


Specialized Thick Business Cards

thick business cards by printingfairy

With a vast amount of designs and affordable online printing companies, the next generation of business cards can easily be found within your reach. There are numerous creative business card templates made on thick business cards in standard and specialized sizes. Determining what to put on your custom business card is the tricky part. You can be overwhelmed with a list of ideas and designs to use on your business card, choose PrintingFairy.com to help […]


Build Your Own Success Packaging Box

From custom created gift-packaging boxes to apparel packaging boxes, when it comes to choosing the best box design for your business select from a variety of options. You want to start your custom packaging box design with a goal of creating a truly unique and individualized design. The main purpose of designing your box is to advertise and market your brand. While it may not seem obvious to use personalized packaging box as a marketing […]


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