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An Excellent Box Printing Is a Major Player in Retail Sales Growth

How would you feel if you received an expensive diamond necklace set as a gift on your wedding anniversary or birthday, wrapped in an ordinary grocery paper bag instead of the special velvet jeweler’s box!? What rubbish you would say, and diamond necklace would suddenly lose its charm and value, for a second certainly! It won’t appear a splendid gift anymore. The whole image takes a dive along with your mood.

Yes, packaging boxes are that important. No product can have much worth if it is not presented in a proper packaging box.  Each and every product needs one. Without boxes, no item has any attraction for the customers. A person will be skeptical about the authenticity of a product without its packaging box.

A retail packaging box delivers the following functions for your product and business development:

  • Marketing
  • Branding
  • Protection
  • Security
  • Individuality

Custom printed packaging box gives the goods an essential identity, a peculiar persona. A cake box cannot be a packaging for cosmetics, and a beer bottle box cannot carry cigarettes. Each item is unique and its packaging design must complement and enhance the brand image. Packaging completes the product like a good pair of shoes completes the look of a well dressed person.

Packaging is the manifestation of the real product inside. It is the first focus of a customer before he even takes a look at the product. Packaging box deeply influences his final decision to purchase your product from amongst the various brands lying on the shelf.

Superior box printing lends individuality to your product. Whether it’s a cake box, pizza box, cigarette box, shampoo box, toothpaste box, cosmetics box or body lotion box, you need to print them in the most appealing fashion. You must consult an expert printing company to develop and print the style of box best suited to your individual product requirement. With mutual understanding, you can decide whether custom die cut boxes are needed for retail products, promotional campaigns or product launch event.  A highly skillful printing company can deliver exceptional value and distinctiveness to your packaging box design by utilizing creative printing and finishing options such as embossing, sand effect, foil stamping, spot lamination, custom window, barcodes and aqueous effect.

A high quality paper, cardboard stock should be used to create a box as it has to support and protect the product. The customer would appreciate if all the salient characteristics of the product are mentioned on the box cover in a legible writing. Adding the company details with nice logo and impressive slogan will build trust and confidence in the product.

A human mind takes about 3 seconds to judge the product and decide if he or she will purchase it. So the packaging box printing must be perfect in every respect.

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