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Creative marketing and organizing ideas with Embossed Folders

Making a unique and creative marketing strategy always helps any company looking for an alternative to their current promotions. Changing the way you organize your documents and portfolio can be easy as a custom embossed folder. With a variety of different way to personalize office stationary, folders are the next best idea.

Creating customized folders is a unique option which can be made for paperwork for the office or for your organization. Increase office productivity with folders since these can be handy to carry around. If you are trying to build your company’s professional portfolio, embossed folders create an elegant and charming design. Embossing is a technique used for a variety of products from embossed business cards to embossed presentation folders. This allows you to choose any image, text or logo that can be given a raised 3D effect or a pressed in effect for emboss. Embossment creates a statement on any folder since the company’s image can be given a professional touch.

Design and coordinate a theme for your folder with your embossed design as a focal point. Using high quality materials is essential for the best result in printing. Using subtle colors for an elegant touch will increase a company’s outlook to customers and potential clients. Using thick cardstock for your folders will give you a variety of patterns and finishes, which will help your design, stand out more.

Embossing gives an extraordinary texture to any folder, whether for office or home use. Use folders for storage of any documents needed to be handed out to readers and the general public. These can be a convenient part of your life with ease in designing and accessing information. With a wide range of pre-made templates, use any creative design for any embossed design folder.

These folders can be found at a very affordable cost without any hassle of designing or creating your own template. For the best printing in full color, choose CMYK or Pantone Color Matching for impeccable print in bold and bright colorful designs. Choosing bolder colors will give your design a bright vivid impact, which will give an eye- catching look for your client.

With such high printing costs in every market, PrintingFairy.com makes it easier for you to purchase bulk items for low-cost alternatives. Their free services include free shipping and handling, free graphic designer assistance, free proofing and customer service help 24/7.

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