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Build Your Own Success Packaging Box

From custom created gift-packaging boxes to apparel packaging boxes, when it comes to choosing the best box design for your business select from a variety of options. You want to start your custom packaging box design with a goal of creating a truly unique and individualized design. The main purpose of designing your box is to advertise and market your brand. While it may not seem obvious to use personalized packaging box as a marketing tool, using it with full color printing can create a promotional advantage to your brand.

Boxes for Retail Merchandise

Printed boxes can include cosmetic boxes, Soap packaging boxes or beverage boxes for retail distribution. The quality of the box will look outstanding once displayed neatly on shelves. The box used should highlight the product in better quality as compared to competitors. Your design should promote your brand while maintaining a sturdy retail ready packaging. Using product boxes for merchandise should be designed according to the product at hand, it should complement the item while providing a promotional advantage.  Custom packaging supplies for retail should include important information such as manufacturer, purpose of the product, and distinguishable factors of using the product.

Professional Custom Boxes

Custom Packaging Boxes can be created with a variety of custom printed boxes ideas and concepts. From premade full color box designs to gift box options and specialty packaging, we feature a large array of designs that can include your custom logo design. Custom printed boxes can be used in a number of ways to promote your brand in a creative and exciting way. A gift box or other custom printed boxes has the option to use custom sizes and shape to cater to different uses.

Sustainable Materials

Aside from using a packaging box for advertisement, protecting the contents of the box should also be considered important. You don’t want a flimsy packaging box to ruin your shipping items. Corrugated packaging boxes with thick 22 to 24 point cardboard material is the ideal choice for heavier equipment. If size matters, using a size that fits your items will prevent damages caused by excess box space.

Every aspect of a product’s packaging should be carefully selected to minimize damages and product loss while adding protection and a visual impact. Custom printed boxes with logo on paperboard, corrugated, and rigid turned edges can offer durability and resilient packaging. For water resistant packaging boxes, choose moisture and grease resistant barriers with a glossy or matte finish lamination. Film-coating options are an excellent way to prevent any boxes from damages due to water exposure.

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