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Carbonless Forms are Great Tool for Business Productivity

Ever wondered why would a business use Carbonless Forms in this electronic age when anything & everything can be done by emails and other electronic means. Carbonless Forms seem like old relic. Well think again. If you are in service business as majority of businesses are, Carbonless Forms are useful in more than one way.

They become a method of getting permanent field records, collecting customers’ signatures on work performed and validating contractual agreements. They also are quick means of distribution of original signed work orders, agreements, statements etc. Carbonless Forms with sequential numbers have unique identifier for tracking and identification purpose. They constitute legal records that would protect you in case of disputes, claims and frivolous lawsuits that eat up lot of resources.

Remember to add hole drills for easy filing, perforation for easy tear-off, sequential numbers for easy tracking, bar-code if you plan to scan them, in sets bound with cover page. Nice to have Free Shipping as well. You may be thinking all these add-on options will cost a lot. Actually not, let us see little closely. To be more specific, 8.5″ x 11″ size 2-Part Carbonless Forms in quantity of 5000, printed in color, with all these features and free shipping, should not cost more than $600. That is only $0.12 per set delivered at your door steps. Similarly same size 3-Part Carbonless Forms fully prepared with the above options and delivered to your address would cost you no more than $900.

Now, how and from where we can get our Carbonless Forms printed at affordable prices? Find an Online Printing Company that offers these prices with Free Proof, instant online price quote and Free Design Services. Free Design Service is a valuable functions that helps many business owners in getting their Carbonless Forms layout done fast and free of charge. In one single process you can order your Carbonless Forms along with design, after that it will be printed and delivered to you at affordable prices.

I hope reading this article will help you in making intelligent decision and save money in the long run. Above all you will get quality printed forms for your customers. Remember spreading and enhancing your business and brand name is key for getting new business.

About the Author: Alex Shaw

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