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Carbonless Forms Are Neat And Healthy!

No kiddin’ man, when I say carbonless form is a healthy product!

It has reduced stress level in the office workers.  Yes, it has been doing it since that fateful day in 1953, when two chemists invented carbonless forms for easy copying of documents. The office clerks were relieved of the old messy carbon paper used for producing copies of sales and contract documents. The dry ink on carbon papers blackened their hands and stained tables and anything that came in touch with the carbon paper. The frustration of untidiness thrown around by the dry ink put great stress on the workers and they ultimately would fall sick.

More importantly, if a person is working in a poorly ventilated room with lots of carbon paper for long hours, it means he is inhaling dust of carbon which can cause respiratory problems in the long run. Skin rashes and painful itching can develop if large amount of carbon gets onto the skin. He can suffer from digestive issues if for some reason he puts his finger into his mouth and ingests small amount of carbon. A more serious risk factor with carbon paper is that it is highly inflammable and can catch fire easily.

The Amazing Carbonless Forms

Carbonless forms are also called NCR (No Carbon Required) forms. They are utilized by all types of businesses: small, medium or large. This amazing office wizard is a great help in creating quick duplicate copies of certain documents.

Carbonless forms are used as cash/receipt books, purchase order forms, memos, and statements. The invoices, sales and purchase bills, contracts & agreements made in a business need to be copied twice, thrice or even 4 times for dispatching to the concerned divisions within a company for record keeping. That is why these forms are printed in 2 part, 3 part, and 4 part sheet sets. With carbonless forms duplicate copies are produced easily, neatly and conveniently. They save time, cost and effort of getting photocopies done via printing machine. Moreover, customers feel confident to know that their transactions are dealt with in a systematic manner and records are safely maintained.

Design and Custom Print Your Own Carbonless Form

You can customize your carbonless forms with all the options driven by your business needs and requirement. Online printing companies are well equipped with the latest printing techniques to produce carbonless forms in all shapes, sizes and colors. The sheets of your 2 part NCR, 3 part NCR, and 4 part NCR forms can be printed in same color or different hues. Designing the table format on the forms is also a decision to be finalized by your business type and accounts department specifications.  You can have the forms printed in landscape or portrait mode. Forms can be sequentially numbered beginning with the number of your choice. For binding options, they can be custom produced as edge glued sets or in perforated booklet shape. You can get your logo and text printed in full color CMYK/PMS (Pantone Matching System) printing process onto your forms for a lasting impression on your customers.

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