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Carbonless Forms Binding Options

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Carbonless Forms: What are the Binding Options?

Ordering carbonless forms could be confusing for some people. A question we regularly get from our customers is: how carbonless forms are glued together and what binding options are available?

Carbonless forms binding can have the following options:

Edge Glued at Top

This binding option is by far the most used one and is also default option. Carbonless forms, 2 part, 3 part and 4 part are glued at top which could be either portrait or landscape side depending upon your artwork.  The glue is temporary so when you pull apart the glued form, each part will easily tear apart.

Edge Glued at Side

This option is rarely selected by our customers. If selected the forms will be glued on the side.

Perforated and Padded Booklets

The forms will not be glued. Instead forms are stapled together into booklets. Each part is perforated so it can be separated easily. Note we need approximately 0.75” blank margin on the padded side for staples and perforation. Your artwork could be adjusted to create this blank space. Booklets have 50 sets for 2-part and 3 part forms. Booklets for 4 part forms have 25 sets per book.

Booklets with Wrap-around Covers

These booklets have a cover that is glued and serves as a cover cum separator between the forms. Each part has perforation for easy tear off. You would need wrap-around covers if you are involved in extensive field visits or outdoor business.

Loose Sets

Forms will come as separate parts, not glued. If you plan to print the carbonless forms using a laser or inkjet print, you would order them loose. This way the pre-printed forms could be fed into printer for additional printing and customization.

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