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Color Printed 4” x 11”by 6”x 9” Mini Folder

Full color printed mini-folders or die cut mini presentation folders are perfect presentation & organization tool for professional offices and marketing campaigns. Depending on your design, folders can be printed in portrait or landscape format. 

mini folders

4” x 11”by 6”x 9” Mini Folder

Printingfairy.com offers mini presentation folders in 2 sizes: 4” x11” & 6”x 9” printed on 14 points cardstock or 100lb cover stocks, mini folders have 1 or 2 inside pocket.

If you are organizing a campaign or conference and plan to distribute informative marketing materials, mini pocket folders make perfect choice. Printed with your logo & name or theme design, they carry your message for a long time.  As they are printed on sturdy cardstock, mini folders can have useful life up to few years.  As such these folders serve useful marketing and advertising tools while performing their basic purpose of presentation folders at the same time.

If you have custom designed mini folders, printingfairy.com designers would prepare layout and proof file showing bleeds, cutlines, safe areas and any other special printing effects that you need to show in mini pocket folders. You would not pay extra charge for this service.

Whether you need full color mini pocket folders or laminated mini presentation folders, printingfairy.com specializes in high-end printing at affordable prices. Send your custom printing requirements at service@printingfairy.com

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