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Few Notable Strategies to Create a Spectacular Presentation Folder

Presentation folder passively promotes your products and services and quietly helps to build positive company image. It increases the prospects of turning potential clients into actual business leads.  Follow the few tips we mention below to make your pocket presentation folder extra appealing and effective.

Forget the Template

Don’t feel limited to follow standard templates. Create your own presentation folder design using custom die cuts that is best representation of your company in addition to being immensely functional.  Also give a unique shape to the pockets, media slits and windows to infuse a uniform design strategy into your pocket folder printing. The especially cut windows give rise to the curiosity of the onlooker into opening the folder. And he will be fascinated further by the unusually shaped pockets and slits inside. The differently designed folder motivates one to study about the company, products and services being offered, which may turn out to be your next business lead. Furthermore, a grandiose folder design becomes focus of discussion amongst the conference participants and encourages word- of- mouth advertising for your business.

No Clip Art Designs Please!

Use only original photographs and artwork. Selecting from predesigned collection will not be a true depiction of your brand. It will be a disaster for your reputation if your clients come across a similar design graphics on another company folder. So stay away from regular, run- of- the- mill design options and build a more realistic brand image with real pictures and graphics.

Mix & Match Imprint Techniques

Commonly used imprint methods are embossing, debossing, foil stamping folder printing and ink printing. They are impressive enough used alone, but a more stunning effect is produced when two of them are combined to create a new design. For example, you can produce three -dimensional metallic look when embossing and foil stamping are employed together. Foil alone would go flat.

Experiment with the colors and different inks too. For instance, you can create atypical patterns with combination of full-color graphics and metallic inks. You can also spot print your logo or branded item with PMS inks. Discuss with your printing company all the possibilities and options at their disposal that can make your presentation folder design unique, realistic and alive.

Add Texture

A different stock texture gets noticed immediately. The presentation folder impact is heightened by its unusual texture. People will be lured to touch it and browse through it with interest. Stocks like felt, linen and eco brown kraft will lend an appealing tactile character to your folder. Another method to add texture is by embossing or debossing certain chosen elements on the folder. Raised ink printing is also very inviting option.

Please write in to share with us if you have had any success by applying any of the above mentioned methods to acquire an entirely different look for your regular presentation folder.

In addition, the graphic designers and printing experts at PRINTING FAIRY can provide further guidance on achieving your desired look for your custom printed presentation folder. Visit our website to view more printing miracles we produce.

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