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Create Unique Folder Designs With Foil Stamping

If you think presentation folders are there just to hold and organize your papers and office data, you must stop thinking and keep reading this article till the end!

It’s not just a presentation folder you are holding; it’s a subtle remark about your company and its image. While participating in a business seminar, conference and trade shows, before you even speak to the people, they will pick up pretty good idea about your company and business you do from the presentation folder in your hands.  So make sure your folder is uniquely designed to grab the attention of the potential clients and to put forward first introduction to your company most appropriately.

You can make your folder design unique by employing four foil stamping options: metallic foils, nonmetallic foils, clear foils and holographic foils.

Metallic foils will bring an elegant shine to your folder and the effect is stronger against a dark or matte paper stock. A non-metallic foil is chosen by the people who want less of a shine in their folder design. These are actually glossy, colorful coating which builds images and text in stark contrast to the background. However, note non-metallic foils do not go well on all sorts of dark colored stock. Get a sample developed first to check the visual effects of such a combination before going ahead with bulk printing.

Clear foil stamping technique, as the name implies, will not create vivid clear images and design. But it helps to highlight particular portions of your folder design. The outcome is an interesting visual as you can see the glossy texture of the foil standing out from the matte texture of the folder.

The next foil stamping method is the most amazing one. It is called holographic foil stamping and creates 3-D effects on your folder designs. Special effects foils are employed in this process which catch the light like metallic foil but reflect it like a prism emanating a metallic rainbow colors effect.

Once you have decided to employ foil stamping to your folder design, explore all of the foil stamping options available and try to create most chic yet professional look for your folder.  Give a distinctive touch to your folder design but don’t go overboard with the foiling and shiny effects, until and unless you belong to the fashion industry!

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