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Embossed Business Card- Put Your Best Card Forward

In today’s competitive market, small businesses are losing clients to big multinational corporations. A well-marketed brand requires innovative skills and ideas to beat the competition. One way to stand out from the rest is with creative and custom-made embossed business cards. A business card represents your brand in an original manner.  These convenient cards allow you to communicate with your potential clients since it can be distributed to anyone even in an informal setting.

A special business card is a form of marketing and advertising for your brand since it gives the client a peek into your brand’s identity.  By customizing your business card, you are allowing your brand to stand out from the rest. The perfect way to create a business card is with unique designs tailor made to fit your brand identity.

Stand out from the Crowd.

Create an authentic and distinctive card to suit your company. It is easy to get lost in the crowd with typical business cards. Embossed business cards are the best way to achieve popularity. These special cards are elegant and alluring to all clients and customers. Embossing your business card allows a 3D effect to any text, image or slogan to give it an edgy element. Using your logo to emboss your business card will produce a professional yet elegant effect. When you choose to emboss your slogan, don’t forget about the backside of your business card that will have a debossed effect. Thick embossed business card using 24pt or 32pt card stock will allow less of the embossing to show through the backside.

What To Emboss on your Business Card

Consider embossing design patterns to your personalized business card.  You should only choose to emboss your logo and a pattern or shape with the impressed design. Embossing is done with a customized die that presses your imprinted design into the card. The result is eye-catching and prominent to your overall business card design. Logos in particular will appear visible to the client since the textured imprint will be raised for a 3 dimensional effect.

Additional Specialty Designs

Custom die cut business cards can be created with your very own personalized design. Go for something unique related to your brand, any die cut shape imaginable can be created. Make sure it accurately represents your brand. Pick a similar color scheme as your brand identity because you want to be associated with certain colors. Stick with 2 colors that contrast each other, one main background color can be used to add accents and lines to your design while the other can be used for your font styles. Choose blind embossed business card for simple impression without an ink, foil overlay, or foil embossing which allows hot foil stamping on your logo.

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