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Embossed Business Cards: When Was The First Embossing Done?

We all know embossing makes your printed materials extra special, more elegant whether it’s a card, folder, flyer, letter or any certificate. You will find it interesting to know that the art of embossing dates back to 500 B.C. when coins gained shape as we know them today. Earlier on, the money had existed in the form of small knives and spades made of bronze. With the passage of time, people realized the need to have an improved version of coin that had to be without shortcomings. We find first traces of manufactured coins separately in India, China and in cities around the Aegean sea between 700 and 500 BC. In Aegean they stamped the coins, heated and hammered with an insignia, some authorized picture or words.

 Embossed Business Card PrintingAn ancient Greek coin, struck under Roman rule, c. 268 AD.

Embossed coins instigated a creative urge of mankind to use this process for embossing other materials too like paper, leather, and cloth with an impression, a design and most desired beautiful patterns.

The technique of embossing had another good usage. It was used for publishing books for the blind. They can read by touching the raised letters of the alphabets.  The first embossed book was created in 1786.


Embossing changes the entire look of a product and makes it a focal point of attention of the people around. That is why; use of embossing is on the rise especially for business card designing and office stationery printing.  Each business, whether big or small, needs to make impressions that can turn a new contact into a new client.

Your business card is the first point of contact for your prospects. You need to hand over good impression of your business and your company. An ordinary business card won’t get noticed easily. When you emboss your business card, it turns into a piece of art which the receiver will like to keep safe with him and trust me , he will definitely refer to it in future whenever he will need to avail products and services you are offering. There you go; embossing paves the way for your business growth and expansion of your clientele base.


A poorly done embossing won’t give you the desired results. During production process, the stage of embossing comes after applying varnishing and lamination to the product. Since a separate press run is involved here to it carries a little extra cost. However, this extra cost truly measures up to its value when you see the product worth increasing by millions.

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