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Foil Stamped Business & Professional Stationary

Not many business owners realize that business stationary can be used as very effective marketing tool. Your business cards, letterheads, envelopes, folders and carbonless invoices can be turned into advertising and marketing items if properly designed & printed.

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Take example of silver or gold foil-stamped business cards.  You may believe that full color custom hot foil-stamped business cards are very expensive and therefore may be a luxury expense for your business or profession.  Reality is different. Silver foil-embossed business cards with black printed text and logo or 2 sided gold foil-imprinted cards are relatively inexpensive compared to benefits you get from them.  Their impact and presentation value is much higher than simple full color business cards.

 business card

At PrintingFairy.Com we take your business cards a step higher by turning them into Die-Cut Silver or Gold Foil-Embossed Business Cards. For most printing orders adding rounded corners can be done at practically no additional or for a very miniscule charge. PrintingFairy.com designers would take you artwork files and provide you a press-ready Proof File showing nicely laid out bleeds, cut-lines, folds and foiling and embossing pattern. All this can be done without paying any additional cost.

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Getting your cards into specialty foil-embossed business cards can substantially increase your chances of success and turn you into instant celebrity at a business meeting or other similar venues. 2-sided die-cut foil business cards can be used for imprinting you logo message on one side & business credentials on other side.

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PrintingFairy.Com can further enhance your cards by multiple or 2 foils embossing at competitive and cost effective rates. If you need design help to finalize business card layout, PringingFairy.Com offers Free Design Assistance And Free Proof Services at no additional charge for all printed orders.  Even more all printing orders get Free Shipping as well.

Send Your Artwork File to Us service@printingfairy.com.

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