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Gain Competitive Edge with Embossed Business Card

You know it and I admit it too, embossed business cards look simply CLASSIC & GORGEOUS. They have everlasting impact on the onlooker. Your corporate image is not just enhanced but it gets taken to the highest peaks of attraction.

The Marketing Function

Adding feature of embossing to your business card will make it more noticeable and inspire your potential customers to consider your business. Take it real serious and use your embossed business card to market your business today. You can easily make a prominent mark and win over good number of clients.

Business cards are the traditional way of exchanging contact information and providing a quick visual introduction to the recipient. Their compact sizes enable you to carry it with you at all times, so you can avail every opportunity to build a valuable new contact. Come up with some creative offers and other promotions so that your new contact happily turns into your new customer. Like for example, you can add a coupon or any such promotional idea to the back of your business card.

Even in this digital era, the conventional role of business cards cannot be ignored. They provide vital information that the recipient can scan and store in a digital device. Also business cards now carry QR codes which can be digitized directly. Another marketing move you can make with your business card is by leaving it at public places for the people to notice.

Foil Embossing OR ….. Whatever You Choose

You have three broad kinds of embossing techniques at your disposal: blind embossing, embossing with ink and foil embossing.  While in all three types the image or text appears edged out of the base, embossed object/area remains subdued in blind embossing, appears colored when done with ink and definitely appears raised in glittery shine when embossed using foils of different hues. You can use golden foil to produce a really fine textured, truly royal looking gold embossed business card.

To order your embossed business cards online, we recommend clicking into www.printingfairy.com. They are the best authority on producing marvelous embossed business cards in the printing world. With free shipping to any state in USA, you can safely get your embossed business cards printed with them.

However, you can easily search on Google if you prefer to hire services of an online printing company in the same state as you reside in. For instance, you can Google search the words embossed business cards New York, and you will have the list in front of  you of the most proficient online printing companies operating in New York. All you have to do then is peruse the first few, compare and analyze the services of the one that best suit your requirements.

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