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Get Wings With Static Clings

So folks…. You have new stuff in your store and you are dying to tell it to everybody in a jiffy… wait no more dear .. do it with our static clings. Get your message printed on static cling and paste it to your store window , on the inside walls of your store and outside and every place you can imagine will take fancy of the passers-by and your customers … and there you go… you have done the job nicely and quickly at an affordable price.

And you know what? These static clings do not need no adhesive, they get attached to any smooth surface using their own static electro charge. You have no messy residues, no huffing and puffing cleaning needed after these clings are removed from the glass. Isn’t it amazing? Now that’s called new generation technology…


And that’s not all, static clings are REUSABLE, yes you read that right, you can use it number of times, you can take it off from one place and stick to another the next day. Won’t be boring for you too, you won’t have to see the same message in same position day after day.. and what’s more, you can give a new look to your store every time. These clings are printed in vibrant full-color, have a glossy finish and cling to not just glass, but also onto plastic and metal surfaces. They are available in large promotional sign sizes as well in case you want to cover that whole front window of your store.

But you do need to keep in mind that static clings have short life span. They are suitable for short promotional schemes, special offers and limited time discounts, and new arrivals you have to announce about at your store. For long-term signage you must go for vinyl window decals. They are printed on considerable heavy material, can’t be removed easily and are not reusable. They are produced for a whole different purpose. We will blog about them in detail in our next post.

For now you must know that we can print your static cling stickers in all shapes, sizes and colors as per your customized requirements. You can get them developed as you wish, we print them in die cut shapes as well. Our latest full color CMYK/PMS (Pantone Matching System) printing process is in place to carry out any kind of color scheme you want.

So guys and gals, give us a buzz at 800-603-6340 and our cool dude there will give you a delightfully easy guidance on how to go about getting your static clings designed and developed as per your own individual taste and need. After all , IT’S YOUR LIFE AND BUSINESS, we understand completely. And that’s not all dear, we also offer free shipping anywhere in US and deliver your order to your doorsteps.

See? in present times, you don’t just order pizza over the phone, you can get static clings too on one call… ok, may be not just one call, we would need to speak to you more than once to discuss the design details! But the results will be worth it, we assure you. You will be blown off after seeing the perfect beautiful static clings we will print for you.

Have A Happy Cling Order Time With PrintingFairy….Welcome!

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