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How to Enhance your Business Identity using Logo Stickers?

Your business name & brand recognition is key for success. You would definitely consider to place your business name and identity on items of publicity that are attention grabbing and have relatively longer life , even in outdoor use. Yes I am talking about printed full color branding labels or stickers that show your name and logo. I am sure next thing in your mind is: wow, getting full color branded labels or stickers with lamination for outdoor use must be very expensive.


Prismatic Stickers


Actually not at all. It depends where you get them and more importantly how you order them? First thing is you choose a right size for your brand sticker: a 5″x5″ circle or 4″x6″ oval shape would be perfect grab. Most businesses have soft copy of their name and logo available. All you need to do is find a good online printing company that offers instant online price quote for a full color printed sticker with lamination. You definitely need gloss lamination since if you place stickers on rear window or entrance door, stickers without lamination would fade away quickly. Next thing to make sure is you choose an online printing company that offers free Pre-press proof, free design services/modifications for your soft file in case you need to make changes or more importantly, your file is not high resolution ( remember you need a minimum of 300 DPI resolution for full color printing). All this seems to be asking too much from your printer? Remember, there are companies out there which offer all these services and no job set-up charges. That last point is worth noting, as you may get these goodies, but some companies will try charging you job set-up charges, which effectively is a different name for the same items.

Insist on getting free proof, free design modifications and upfront instant online full price quote without job setup charges. Lastly I will throw free shipping into this mix as well. Now you must be thinking what will happen to your price tag for the branding label stickers, that you are supposed to use for enhancing your business name recognition.

Vinyl Stickers Printing


Don’t worry. Even after asking all this the price for a 5″ x 5″ circular or 4″ x 6″ sticker in quantity of 250 should not exceed over $250 – 260. (doubling the quantity to 500 labels should add no more than $70). That is amazingly low price for what you get in terms of identity enhancement. The life of each sticker if properly placed should be no less than few years. Your business name & logo and a brief message will stay for that much time in full color and be visible to all who come across.

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