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How to Order Custom Printed Carbonless Forms & NCR Forms?

Customized Carbonless Forms or Customized printed multi-part NCR Forms are great tools for ease of making multiple instant copies of the original signed invoices, payment slips, receipts books, change order forms and work orders. They are simple, inexpensive and can be easily created in MS Word or Excel format. Printed full color forms have inherently better value than regular Xerox copies.

Here is what you need to know while ordering your Custom Printed Carbonless or NCR Forms:

Size and number of parts or copies is obvious first thing to be decided based upon your business need. First part is mostly printed on heavier 20 Lb paper; where as the other parts (part 2, 3, 4 & 5) are printed on 15 Lb or 16 Lb carbonless paper.Carbonless forms

The first part of Custom Business NCR Forms can be printed in full color (also called 4-color or CMYK process colors). However majority of carbonless forms printing are printed on Pantone Matching System Colors (PMS) or spot colors like black, blue, red, green, gray etc. Getting full color or spot color forms is purely a business decision that requires cost/benefit analysis. If you need all of the forms printed in full color, you need to choose white forms for all parts.

If you need yours forms printed in a specific color, you need to tell your printer that Pantone color or spot number. This will make sure that your desired color is matched. Back of the printed forms mostly contains legal info, terms & conditions or some other information that are generally printed at 50 -60% black on grayscale. This ensures that backside printing does not bleed (see thru effect) on the front of the form.

carbonless forms

Sometime you would need to have slightly different printing on each Carbonless Sheet. You may need to label the first NCR Sheet as “Original”, 2nd sheet as “Office Copy’ and third sheet as the “Customer Copy” etc. All this should be clearly marked on you design file. Sequential Numbering is also that you may require to identify the forms or to match them to your records.

There are several binding options such as separate sets which are edge glued or perforated booklets with cardstock back page and a wrap-around blank cover page. Ideally carbonless forms packs, whether separate sets or booklets, should be shrink-rapped before shipping.

Other finish options include sequential numbers and hole drills. Sequential numbers are printed most of the time in red color on each set and generally there are only 1 or 2 types of fonts available for numbers. Do not request specific fonts for numbers, otherwise your cost would go up substantially.

As you would have correctly guessed by now, adding these options would increase your price. However adding options like numbers, different text on each form and getting then bound in perforated books can help you maintain business records.

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