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It’s A Clear – Cut Victory for Your Business

Not just kids, everyone loves stickers. They are no more a play thing of the past. It is now an indispensable part of the marketing arsenal. Stickers remain the most demanded advertising tool in the present times especially by medium and small enterprises. The advancement in technology has upgraded the status of stickers too. Now they can be used outdoors as well since they have water resistant and fade resistant properties. The special inks and UV coatings make them perfect to display outside the premises.  You can get real creative with sticker printing job. They can be modified with any text, design, colors, sizes, shapes and easy application methods.

Customized stickers is a marketing medium anyone will find hard to ignore or throw away. Bumper stickers printing had classical usage of political message carriers in the past. Now bumper stickers are also used for commercial marketing and for wonderful message spreading. Car decals have found their way into decorative industry. People use car window stickers and decals to give a personal touch to their vehicle and also use it to say whatever they want to the world. After all America is a free country, you can say what you want, in whatever manner you prefer, unless you don’t breach the freedom of others.

Clear Stickers Make You More Visible

Clear stickers won’t fail to delight you. Clear vinyl stickers are also known as transparent sticker as they are printed on a heavy weight clear vinyl stock. They have numerous applications like labels for bottles, cosmetics and food items. You will find them attractive as they merge with the surface and do not appear to be stickers. With semi gloss appearance, they are generally water proof. Clear stickers can be produced with silver or gold foil touch and also in full color printing process.

We Make It Very Clear

At Printing Fairy, we know how to get your clear stickers printed for maximum utility and longest durability. Here you get stickers of all kinds. Static clings, bumper stickers, clear stickers, decals for your car and wall, or window clings for your store, you always get what you want. Our UV coating gives extra strength and makes them water and fade resistant. You have the choice of gloss or matte lamination. You will be pleasantly amazed to see the variety of sizes, shapes and colors we can do. You can always discuss your requirements for customized stickers on live chat with one of our representatives. Our customer friendly CSRs will provide all the information you are looking for. He or she will connect you to the appropriate department wherein our professional staff takes up your order with due care and protocol. So don’t hesitate to place order with us for top quality printing at a price you will find hard to believe!

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