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Like Steve Jobs – Create a Bigger Perspective with Presentation Folders

Steve Jobs was one of the most highly recognized presenters in the corporate world. When you think of Jobs presenting – his legendary way of telling an entire storyline with a product is astonishing. If you’ve had the privilege of viewing one of his presentations, you’ve watched greatness. Jobs always told a story with greatness, learning from his methods of presenting can help you accomplish yourself in front of a crowd.

While presentations can be a nerve racking experience- making it easier with a tool can help your presentation be less haphazard. Gathering documents, graphics and custom graph charts can help ease your presentation especially if you have a difficult time speaking in front of an important crowd. By presenting your work in a professional and organized way, you can lead your company to a prosperous future while impressing your boss.

Count on Presentation Folders

The best tool to help your presentation pave the way for success like Steve Jobs is with the use of custom presentation folders. Although Jobs hit the nail when it came to presentations, using a folder handed out to the crowd can help the audience interact and understand what the topic is all about.  These thin yet handy customizable presentation folders can also showcase your brand’s identity. A folder is not just a folder- it displays your entire company’s purpose from company profile to mission of developing more clients.

Room for more with Pocket Presentation Folders

A folder can not only be used for presentations but for any purpose to help promote your business. Using pocket folder presentation you can store important documents, contracts with additional slots for CDs and Business Cards. Keeping your folder design consistent with your brand identity will effectively aid in presenting your view.

Design without Spending Hundreds

Using different styles to boost your visual appearance can help to promote durability with water resistant lamination. Laminated matte or glossy finish can add a high durability to your design. These optional glossy or matte finishes can give a bold yet sophisticated look without breaking the bank. Others ways to showcase a creative element to your design is with embossing or foil stamping. These two elements of styles can give a finished and polished look to your folder. Embossing raises your text or logo to create a 3D effect – adding a matte texture to embossing can give an urbane and classy touch to your folder layout.

At PrintingFairy, we offer a high selection of customizable options. Name it and you got it! With embossed designs to metallic foil stamping in full color printing with CMYK or PMS colors for vibrant detailed layouts. Our team of highly trained experts can help create a professional yet affordable presentation folder without the hassle of spending hours in front of the laptop.

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