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Make Up Your Custom Packaging Boxes

Have you thought about your next new product launch? Are you looking for an affordable product box for your business but not sure who to trust? With so many online printing companies to choose from, finding the right fit for your business can be time consuming. Let us help you with all of your packaging box needs, from layout designing to bulk printing – PrintingFairy.com has everything you need 24/7 to fit your busy schedule.

Important Details to Gain Customers

Mentioning important information for your product require details for your box to help reflect your brand. Considering how important your product’s visual appearance is to customers depends on the product itself. Creating a positive and lasting impression to your customers using rich full colors and exceptional features is ideal for giving your new product a big impression. Mentioning key ingredients, product directions and useful details is important for all consumers.

Custom Design Beauty Cosmetic Packaging Boxes

Everyone who loves to purchase cosmetic and makeup items know how important packaging boxes have to be. Imagine reading the contents of an item and not known what the product is used for and how to use it- these important details is required for the right product for your customers. The leading percentage of women purchasing cosmetic and beauty items require sufficient information on the packaging box to lead to a decision on whether or not to buy the item. Makeup packaging requires accurate color swatches of all products for customers to precisely select the product. Mismatched colors can lead to misguided customers making them rethink their purchase.

For your cosmetic packaging boxes, we recommend using a mixture of matte and embossed spot UV coating to give your box a 3 dimensional effect. The mattified texture against the embossed text can give a surreal texture together. Exceptional options from embossing, gold and foil stamping, matte or glossy lamination and UV coating can all give your packaging boxes a customizable appearance. With 12pt or 14pt card stock, you can add an additional layer or durability and protection with laminated coating. Not only do we offer complete customer support to help decide your design.

Boost Customer Attention

Taking your product packaging as an important matter will help give your company a reputable image. Using materials that are durable and lasting will help give your product gain a boost of attraction. So how can you attract customers? By using styled fonts and contrasting colors. Custom box packaging should reflect your business positively.

Print your company logo using full color without spending a fortune – so go ahead give your boxes an added vibrant color and attraction without paying high amounts. Choose PrintingFairy.com for the best quality color spot on printing.

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