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Maximize your Products Appeal via Color Printed Vinyl Clings

Static Clings as their name suggest hang to the window glass by static charge. No glue is required. That opens up a lot of possibilities. If you are a small business who are worried about cleaning the glue stain after removal of a sticky display, static clings or static window stickers provide a fast affordable and neat solution for display of your offers, promotions, product-service descriptions.

 Static Cling and Window Cling

In fact static decals, window decals or custom vinyl clings as they are sometimes called are printed in full color are so appealing that they can increase your product display value. Research has shown that customers tend to spend more time on color printed displays and their memory retention effect is much higher. However it does not automatically means that one-color, two-color printed clings would lose their appeal. If solid areas of colors are printed correctly, 1-color & 2-colors static clings and custom window decals can also be equally effect attention grabbing tools.

Choose the custom window cling size that best fits your message or ad content. Choose 1, 2,3 colors static clings or full color clings personalized window decals printing to maximize contrast. You can use clear static clings, blurry clings or opaque clings. However in case of clear or see thru clings, you need to be careful in the way you choose your color scheme: printed text and images must be in prominent color to produce maximum contrast for best viewing. Do not forget to add white substrate behind the printed surface. Most printers would treat white substrate as an additional color and charge you extra for that. However you can easily find online printing company that offers white substrate or background as integral part of window clings and static clings printing. As such you would not be charged extra.

Wall ClingThe most important person other than your graphic artist is the printer who would print your static clings and window clings. On choice of print provider, find the online printing company who would offer instant online price estimate, free proof and competitive pricing. With some research, you can find company that offers these features and other valuable services like free shrink-wrap and free-shipping. Think about production time and communicate with your online printing company via email before awarding your static clings, window clings or custom window decals printing work.

Finally do not compromise on quality printing for your vinyl clings and window clings. They are front-row displays for your products.

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