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Re-Establishing ‘Baby on Board’ Car Window Clings Decal

‘Baby on Board’ is one of the classic novelty car window stickers in history- it was a hit in the 80s while currently less parents are taking the matter as a novelty sticker and more as a cautionary sticker. Now in 2013 you’ve got your ‘Baby DJ on Board’, ‘Cool on Board’, ‘Grumpy on Board’ and ‘Grandkids on Board’- just a few different ways to add a funny quip to your car. Adding a fun car sticker to the back window of your car can safeguard against accidents.

Make Your Clings Last

Customizing your vehicle couldn’t be easier with decals. With optional designing such as vinyl printing, full color background, transparent background, or metallic foil printing- you can let your car window do the talking with one of your very own stickers. Showcase your personality with an array of custom cling decals for your car that can be applied onto any surface you choose. Just because cling window decals adhere using static cling, it doesn’t mean the decal won’t stick onto your car. Making the decal last on your car window is important. Making sure the surface is smooth and flat is highly recommended for durable and lasting cling. The adhesive backing of these decals are durable and tolerant of harsh weather conditions.

Promotion Not Just for Business

These nifty car decals can not only be used for ‘Baby on Board’ related clings but can be created for promotion for you are your event or sports team. Singers and musicians looking to promote their album or concert can simply place an order for a customized sticker using die cut or vinyl printing for high durability. Choose from large or small sizes in an array of custom shapes. Of course you can find ordinary sizes from circle, square, rectangular and oval for generic design layouts. Usually custom die cut printing requires a layout to appeal with the shape, our expert graphic designers can help sort out any conceptual ideas needed.

Customizable Cling Decals with Vibrancy

All die cut designs are offered with full color background or choose a transparent vinyl layout. Your customized logo will stand out with bold color choices. Our UV coating prevents color fading while protecting it from sunrays and water damage. Pick vibrant and bold colors for your printing and install the decal within seconds. These can easily come off without any hassle of tacky residue left behind.

Your car window will never look empty again – just pick and choose your favorite design and order right away. PrintingFairy will deliver your order within a week’s time without any hassle of paying extra charges.

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