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Renovate your Product’s Identity with Packaging Boxes

A product is nothing without its packaging box! Before you remove any product from its designated retail packaging boxes, you might find yourself reading over any information given on the box about the product. The modern packaging box is an essential element of the product itself, without it you might find yourself perplexed over the product. Cardboard packaging boxes are designed to promote your brand and product, making it customer worthy to purchase. Making your own package boxes special can become a keepsake for many end-users.

Retail packaging boxes

With so many different brands available in the market, it’s easy to lose yourself and your brand identity with an array of competition. Creating an illustrative packaging box for any product can compliment your entire design aesthetic.  At PrintingFairy.com, we believe in boosting product sales through the use of custom packaging boxes. Personalizing and custom creating your box design can prove to create a distinctive and unforgettable packaging box.

Environmentally Friendly Without Paying High Prices

The best way to design illustrative packaging boxes is by selecting your preferred material. Since every industry is under scrutiny of using wasteful materials for packaging, choosing an alternative can help protect the environment while saving you from costly printing. Corrugated packaging is just one of the materials used for shipping boxes. This material is low-cost, easily customizable, versatile full color printing and sturdy shipping. Custom corrugated boxes are an environmentally safe product and is used around the world for shipping massive amounts of items. While you may not be running a warehouse, using corrugated packaging for your company can easily help you save on high material costs.

Customizable Features

Custom creating your own packaging box is important to attaining customer attention.  PrintingFairy.com can help to increase product sales using personalized features including special effects embossing, foil stamping and Spot UV coating to create an elegant appeal. The best way to customize your packaging box is by adding a personal message to your consumer. Making a product more personal will reach consumers at a more user-friendly level.

Other features to consider are free packaging box design die cut shapes and custom sizes. Choose from rectangular, square, circle or even oval shapes boxes for your product on 12 pt card stock up to 26 Pt cardstock material.

Special Additional Packaging Box Features

Add a special finishing touch to your packaging carton with an insert or custom lining. Using these options can create a luxurious look and feel to your final box. With inner linings made out of tissue paper or satin cloth, you can set the tone for your end product. For items such as jewelry packaging boxes, cosmetic boxes or small packaging boxes, using an inner lining can help protect the product from damages caused by shipping. Other additional features to choose from include ribbons of contrasting colors and sizes to convert your packaging box into a special gift box.

If you need more information regarding printing of custom packaging boxes, you may visit our website printingfairy.

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