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The Right Eye-catching Linen Presentation Folders

foil stamped presentation folders by printingfairy

The perfect first impression is always made with the best eye-catching design. As with any product or stationary items for your company, using your brand’s identity in the most cleaver way possible can help you achieve a lasting first impression. This is where linen presentation folders come into place. At PrintingFairy, we are stacked with thousands of customized folder designs printing to help you create your own exclusive template. Purchase your very own custom folder printing from online and save on bulk ordering.

Why Linen Deserves Recognition

Linen paper sheets are incredibly versatile, these texturized sheets offer a subtle 3D effect with vertical lining on the paper. The texture creates a polished and classy appeal to anyone being handed the folder, your potential clients will surly see something customized on your folder. Linen presentation folders are easily personalized with metallic foil stamping, custom die-cut printing and embossing printing on 100 LB Linen Cardstock. Our high quality materials are tear-resistant and water repellant.

Versatile Folders

From corporate document holders to large events, folders can be use for all sorts of methods. Choose a brand image that you want to convey and what you want to display about your business. These ideas will help you showcase your brand’s personality easily with custom created folder templates. You can easily carry important documents to be handed out to clients and customers. Custom folder printing can also mention contact information, making it easier for your client to reach you. Choose from custom standard sizes or mini folder sizes for quick business sales report to conveniently hand out to upper level management.

Easy Customized Folders

Present your company with class and efficiency to help maneuver your team in the right direction. With our skilled and professional graphic design team, leave it to PrintingFairy.com for the highest quality printing. We will help you gain a trustworthy relationship between you and your client through our designs and creative research. With many ways to customize your foil-stamped Linen Folders, you can choose from glossy to matte lamination  for elegant sophisticated printing. Make your next folder personalized with full color CMYK and Pantone Matching System for matchless and identical printing. Optional rounded corner printing, CD slits and business card tabs can easily help add-on features to your folder.

With a competitive marketplace, we understand how important it is to impress your customers and to keep them up to date about the latest news of your brand. A personalized folder can help generate large sales from product information and company information. Your folder can work with your team to help hand out important documents and paper work with customized pocket slits including vertical and angular sizes.

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