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The Sticker: A Candid Way To Communicate

It’s “The Adhesive Label”, that “Displays” the required message. Sticker has proved to be the most versatile yet easily manageable object, to fulfill the task. Since its conception in the 60s, the use of stickers has provided evident means of portraying the “content” in the most appropriate, ingenious and discrete manner possible. It first appeared as an advertising tool for the Adhesive Producing industries. From there, its use rocketed and embossed stickers were then found everywhere. From the signboards in the street, to the advertisement on your local transport, from the price tag on your everyday grocery, to the “enter” label on your glass door, the stickers are everywhere, expressing us in whatever way it suits us. Due to one of its major properties, its sticking effect, and consequently its advantage, interim permanency, stickers are well preferred over other means of labeled communication. They will stick to the surface for an indefinite period of time, and can be removed if required, but the older the sticker gets, the harder it is to remove, hence fulfilling its purpose.

Stickers Promoting Publically

Stickers provide catchy and stylish ways of honoring and exalting companies that require publicity and promotion. Trademarks, logos and mottos are all portrayed through stickers, in trade as well as major associations, like Automobile Association. Automobiles representing these associations compete worldwide and are overwhelmingly furnished with native-company stickers hence publically advertising and advocating themselves all over the world, specifically to the automobile lovers. Professional customized personnel provide services for the production of custom stickers printing.

Sticker Printing


Stickers: Industrial Signs and Figures

Identifying certain products at a facility always requires labels, and when not required, to be removed easily. Stickers, in their efficient manner, fulfill this purpose by signifying any sign or content possible. Like the danger signs on the electrical components, the warning sign, the flammable sign, the no smoking sign etc.

Stickers: Revolt, Publicize, Protest

Most people notice a message that is concise and simple. Whenever, there is a political campaign, a protest rally, an activist gathering, stickers always draw people in. On the street post near a red light, the billboards, the cafe windows, on the eatery tables, where publicity is not allowed, stickers provide an efficient and yet completely miniature way of delivering your message. Its small size makes it easily place able and its simplicity appeals to the reader.

Stickers: Of Art and Music

May it be the “devil’s fist” with the date of the next concert, or an image of a new painting for a new gallery reopening, stickers publically provoke people to join in the festivities. Ranging in simple black and white, to some exceptional colors, stickers produce Art like no one else. May it be a social gathering, a bake sale, a debate competition, a homecoming, stickers with their variety and vastness, provide a way of recognizing or distinguishing everything in every way.

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