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Unleash your Creativity with Letterpress Business Cards

Most of us are naturally gifted with creativity while others seem to find themselves lost in a sea of jumbled ideas. As children we learn

Letterpress Business Cards

to let our thoughts run free but as time goes by we constrict our thinking leaving us with lackluster scraps of ideas. With that said, not having a clear and concise concept can make designing a creative letterpress business card difficult to carry out. Presenting your brand on a standard 3.5” x 2” business card design can be carried out in a vast amount of ways which can be confusing. Creating an effective concept for your design starts with collecting ideas for which materials to use. This where PrintingFairy.com steps in – we can help design and layout your personalized letterpress business card template in a matter of minutes.


What makes Letterpress so Special?

Letterpress is a method of printing which has been used for centuries and has a lasting appeal even today. This type of custom business card printing acquires an engraving machine to be pressed onto the business card. Choose to impress text, slogans, images or initials onto thick business card for effective printing. Making your business card memorable requires a touch of class in a striking way. Presenting your business card should make a loud statement to everyone who sees it.  Creating a full color unique business card creates the right impression to further lead a follow up conversation with a potential client.

Affordable yet Quality Printing

How to present your business cards matters more than what the card actually says. Using PrintingFairy.com’s latest business card templates, we print and design all of our affordable letterpress business card printing with exceptional flair. We use state-of-the-art printing technology to give each one of our clients detailed personal attention.

What You Should Know Before Ordering

At PrintingFairy.com, we offer our business cards in an array of different sizes including standard 2” x 3.5” and slim 1.75” x 3.5”. Personal and creative custom die cut business card printing can create circle, oval, rounded corners or any custom shape you choose. Before placing your order, decide on various factors including shape, size and special custom features including coating, UV protection, gloss or matte finish and full color CMYK printing. These are all important factors to consider before you order your personalized batch of gorgeously printing custom business cards with Printingfairy.com.

Why Choose PrintingFairy.com?

As a professional team of experts, we strive to create flawless and impeccable business cards. Can you imagine being seen with an identical business card as your competitor? At Printing Fairy, we love working with our customers one-on-one from designing to printing the final product. We have helped to create masterpieces on business cards with our trained graphic designers. We strive to work with you to help you develop your ideal business card.

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