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What an Embossed Business Card can do for you!

So you just started a new business, you are probably overloaded with ways to market your company. The first and most important step in your marketing strategy should be your business card. They may be old fashioned but they are still an effective method in introducing your brand to potential clients. Now that you want to print your very own custom business cards, where to start? Sure you can go the plain Jane route and have a standard business card printed but why not add your own personal touch to your business cards? With a number of printing techniques, bring a unique touch to your business cards with an embossed logo.

With a booming and competitive business industry, you need business cards. Whether you are a handyman looking for new clients or you meet an important person during a trip, giving a professional impression depends on how high quality your business card looks and feels. By simply adding an extra spark to your card, people will remember you!

Embossed Business Cards

Blind Embossed Business Card

Embossed business cards are a simple and clean method to raise or push down your design or company logo to create an elegant touch. The method for doing this is called thermography, it not only looks well-designed but also enhances the look of your card overall without adding color or a distinct shape to your card.

The important aspect of the card should be considered for embossing. Creating an embossed business card from your regular card design will not require any special design alteration. The key is to turn a specific portion of the card that you want to highlight to have that ‘lifted’ effect. If you don’t have an old business card layout to use then design it from scratch with a huge variety of pre-made templates, sizes and colors, finish off the personalized design with a special die to create that 3D effect. Custom embossed cards are created with special shape of your company logo using specific inks or dyes.

With every business, in order to attract new customers you want to create an illusion of success and affluence. You want to not only stand out of the crowd but give the appearance of professionalism. By handing out an impressive, well thought out and creative business card you can easily impress potential clients especially if you are just starting out. It’s also a good idea to update your personalized business card periodically, by doing so your clients will be more aware of your company’s new developments.

Business cards will always be around, no matter how advance technology and businesses are headed. With a simple business card all the information is there so you can skip out on looking for a pen and paper you just hand over a card to anyone.

About the Author: Alex Shaw

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