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Go For Advertising Medium With Multiple Applications, Window Cling Stickers

I often go for window shopping. There are two benefits I get out of this activity: first off, it’s a source of recreation for me and secondly, I pick up lots of information about various happenings and events, both current and upcoming from the window clings displayed on store windows, on walls and on counters. The most colorfully printed ones attract me like a bee to the honey! Then there are die-cut shaped window stickers which are stunning and extraordinary. The store owners are using window cling stickers to announce and convey all sorts of business messages, like new arrivals, new product/brand launch, discounts, upcoming sales and special offers they are planning to make.

I noticed the stickers do not stain the glass, neither get torn easily. No adhesive glue is used which may leave a residue; they have built in electric charge to get activated.  They are printed on a standard sticker paper stock or solid and clear vinyl stock. Then we have double sided stickers too, which means you can paste this sticker from inside of your store window, facing outwards.  Talk of convenience! Modern times have certainly made life and advertising so convenient.

Don’t limit window cling stickers to the store windows. Paste them onto your car windows too. Your message travels with the car and gets spread to a larger audience effortlessly. Besides, kids utilize this opportunity to express themselves by decorating their car windows with all sorts of colorful auto clings. Grown-ups are shrewdly using this medium to paste their message on car windows for the people to read. And o man! Do see people reading with great interest especially if the text is funny and tickling to the senses!

Rock stars, singers and music groups can create crazy stickers to gain huge publicity. Young people will be interested to flaunt the advertising stickers of their favorite music bands on their bags, home, school glass panes and car windows.

Store and business promotion isn’t the only aim of window clings. They are great for organizing political campaigns and fund raising events too.  Government agencies use cling stickers to communicate a public service message to the general public. Humanitarian agencies spread their welfare message via cling stickers more effectively. Another intelligent use is made by office administration. They frequently stick printed instructions on the doors and cabin windows for all staff members to read and follow!

So dear business owners and entrepreneurs, you can get your own window clings developed in all shapes, sizes and colors. Just select a good online printing company which employs full color CMYK/PMS printing process and high quality stock and printing methods. Such companies usually offer free design support too which will be very valuable guidance especially if you are a newly opened business. Window clings are very handy, convenient and affordable marketing tool and won’t fall heavy on your little advertising budget either.

So next time you go for window shopping, do keep an eye on those remarkable window clings.  You may pick up an idea about printing something similar for your own business advertising.

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